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Key observation for the week of 2/19/10: Its brutal out there and the press seems to think its over.....boy do they have it wrong

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The newsletter is a free service to those who contribute and will initially be published monthly.  It will not tell you what to do, but it will give you the extra forward looking insights, that when combined with traditional research, will deliver an advantage.

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Wall Street has a huge advantage in the research it can afford to buy. It also has the size to move markets almost irrationally at times. This newsletter will help the informed but average investor level the playing fields and hopefully gleen insights that will allow him or her to outperform Wall Street.

In a few weeks you will see how you compare to others and what the greater public is thinking on both general and timely consumer spending trends. We add our take aways from your input that you are free to ignore. At the end of the day you get another set of data points, one of the only few that are forward looking.

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